2 Step Verification headaches

Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

Why is it hard to set this up? Why do I keep getting put in a loop that doesn’t get me back to my original process of trying to make a transaction work? I mean, I didn’t need it to create my account, but I can’t seem to get past this 2 step hell to withdraw something that already belongs to me, and you didn’t need me to go through this hell to set it up to begin?

Yup, have the QR Code authentication app on my phone. Every 30 seconds I get a new six digit number so by the time I go back to my desktop transaction, the code is already expired. And, if I am lucky enough to not have it expire on me, then I get sent to a new page to change my password — which I didn’t ask to do. Or, I get a link to set up a 2 step verification — which I thought that’s what I already was doing. Or, resend the same frickin’ email, “Is this really you?” Yes. Yes, it is really me, and there I go again into the same loop (hole).

I am beginning to think this is a door that swings only one way. Is anyone else having this trouble with Uphold? Hopefully, they will respond to my email, soon. And, it better not be by sending me a FAQ page…..

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Mary EK Denison

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