Day 153/365: Letter from my Future Self.

Today is June 28, 2030. I’ve just woken up from a fantastic night’s sleep. Ten years ago, when I bought the bed I’m sleeping in now, I had some slight reservations about buying it because of the cost, but I can see that it was sooo worth it! I wake up refreshed, my joints don’t hurt, my muscles move with fluidity and when I want, I can access the massager that is built right in. Yay, Me for taking the risk that my son thought I was crazy for doing! And to make sure that I didn’t cancel the order, I found a person to give the current bed I was using, away. She picked it up that night! She was happy to receive it, and I was happy it found a new and grateful home. A win-win. I feel completely rested and eager to see what today will bring!

It is sunny out with a perfect temperature of 75 degrees, the air is fresh and there is no wind. I take the time to stretch, and then go outside to meditate and pray. The coffee is done brewing and we are ready to make our first meal of the day.

I speak of gratitude for my beautiful home, and am so grateful to John, my husband, for his skills in creating the kitchen that I love to be in. My floors are polished, the staircase has been refinished, and we just had the rooms freshly painted. When I am not working with others, I have time to spend in my gardens. I am able to give the care that supports the plant life to its’ utmost beauty. My outdoor pets scamper through the flowers, and I created a garden of salad greens, just for them. (That way they leave mine alone.)

I am grateful for my children and grandchildren and all of them are alive and healthy. They have made wise choices, and it is bringing them the joy they deserve, and makes me happy to see them happy and thriving. God is good. I do a quick check of my bank accounts, and I give thanks again for the abundance that flows through them, and all is good.

I kneel and give thanks that I am still able to continue doing what I love, and that is making people feel and look their personal best. Thank You, Lord, for giving me these gifts to help others. I still carry a full work schedule because retirement just was never a word in my vocabulary.

I prepare my treatment room for my first client. I smile at her when she arrives, and I am grateful I have several options to offer her that will bring her the results she is seeking. She has some concerns about her looks aging, and that she doesn’t have the body she remembers herself having. She wonders if she is able to ‘compete’ in the workforce still with a younger generation coming up behind her. I assure her she is able to bring her experience and expertise to business meetings and clients, and that she can use those skills to mentor her younger staff, and raise them up to bring their own unique ideas to the ‘board’ room.

We will create a customize plan together to use MY skills to bring radiance to her inner beauty. Those who see her, will see a woman who remains a winner because she is a woman with confidence and certainty, and carries herself with grace and poise. She will become ageless because though she is 25 years younger than me, she will see through me, there is nothing to be afraid of in aging.

And, so we begin her journey, together.



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