Day 16: The many faces of Qi.

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Let me preface this by saying, I ate a whole organic vegetable pizza tonight. I really need to get back on my carb blockers….

Anyway, moving along with teaching you the basics of Oriental Medicine, and how it works so that you can see that it DOES work. It really is fascinating, and so glad God brought me into my vocation.

Qi is a fundamental concept when you are talking about Chinese medicine. Translations are hard to do, but Qi is loosely translated as energy running in the body that exchanges with the universal energy surrounding us. You breathe it in on a daily basis, and your body has entry and exit points that allow the exchange to happen. Everything in the universe is composed of Qi. There are several different kinds, and they do different things for us. I am going to give you their names, and what they do and how they are formed. I will keep it simple.

Grouping all the Qi’s in the body, they are referred to as Normal or Upright Qi (zheng qi), or True Qi (zhen qi). This is where Qi begins before it is differentiated into specific forms with specific functions. If you can understand that when you were just sperm and egg connecting and forming cells, those cells weren’t differentiated yet, but eventually the cells KNEW what they were to become. Some became heart cells (the first thing formed), some became skin cells, some became brain cells, you get the picture.

There are three sources of Normal Qi: Original, or prenatal Qi (yuan qi) which is what you get from your parents at conception, and is your constitution. Yuan Qi is stored in the Kidneys (please note that mostly when I mention organs, it is the energetics of that organ, as well as the physical aspect of the organ). Kidney energy is where life begins and ends, and everything in between in maturation.

The second source is Grain Qi (gu qi) which is derived from foods once it is digested. The third Qi is called Air Qi (kong qi) which comes from the air we breathe into our lungs. These three Qi’s together create the Normal Qi that flows throughout the whole body. Still with me? Kind of like there is no empty space in the universe, something fills every part of it.

So, Normal Qi gets divided into the many specific types of Qi that run through your body. Like the cells that turn into the parts of our body that make us, us. (There is an Innate Wisdom in the whole design, put there by Divine Source, or Intelligence — this is NOT random.) Sometimes Normal Qi is simply referred to as Qi. It has been compared to as electrical energy.

Qi has five major functions: Qi is the source of all movement and accompanies all movement. For example, take Blood — Blood nourishes Qi, but Qi moves Blood (Yin Yang interdependence). Anything you do, speak, think, move, dream, etc., seeds growing, life processing…Qi is not the cause of movement, because it is inseparable from movement. Meaning, it is the source of growth, but it also grows with the growth.

Qi protects the body. Wei Qi is your first line of defense — your aura, maybe? It protects you from outside damaging influences that we refer to as EPI — External Pathogenic or Pernicious Influences. So, if your immune system is low, you will have little defense from getting sick.

Qi is the source of the balanced transformation in the body. When food and air enter the body, they turn into the other substances in your body; blood, more qi, tears, sweat, saliva, and urine.

Qi governs the retention of things in your body — it keeps everything in (think of the opposite when you have prolapse of organs, or bruising when blood leaves the vessels.)

Qi warms the body. Energy is warm.

Qi has four primary directions, up/ascending, down/descending, entering and leaving (through the entry and exit points). In the Classical Chinese book called the Nei Jing, “Without entering and leaving, there is no development, without ascending and descending, there is no transformation, absorption, or storing.” If it is obstructed, pain develops, if it moves in rebellion, things go in reverse. This is disharmony. The body is always seeking balance and harmony. Rebellious qi is like vomiting. Stomach energy moves downward, vomiting is changing the course upward.

There are different types of Qi, and each one can have a disharmony associated with it. I will talk about that in my next writing. Tonight, I think this may be enough for you to grasp. We are a complex and intricate design. We are a well thought out plan. And we were developed and created out of Pure Love. You have purpose. Never lose sight of that.

Blessings on you. Remember why you came….

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