Day 194:Obadiah, Prophecies doom for the other side, meaning this time not for the Jews…

Mary EK Denison
3 min readSep 4, 2020
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Obadiah means ‘servant of God’, as all prophets are. This may, or may not be the name of the man telling the story of Edom, the place where Jewish refugees fled to. The Edomites did not treat them well, and killed many of them. This is what Obadiah is referring to when mentioning doom — to the other side.

In previous books of the Bible (that Christians refer to as the Old Testament, because the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament), It seems the the Jews have been the ones under God’ wrath when they do things against His Laws. You can see that their enemies paid for their ill ways, as well. My thoughts are of several ideas, such as, ‘what goes around, comes around’, ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’, do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, etc.

It seems to follow the logic of the Laws of Attraction, so promoted today, usually in finances, but it can be in whatever abundance means to you. If you have negative thoughts, or doubtful thoughts, you will push things away. If you have positive, and believing thoughts, you will attract things towards you.

So, in these last writings, I am beginning to feel like this is a ping-pong game, with good things and bad things going back and forth, with possibly a change in the players. Israel in the north, or Judah in the south, Babylonia (Iraq), or Persia (Iran). Different time periods with different kings. Generations of being good and rewarded, followed by generations of going against God’s laws and being punished.

We can look at it as punishments, or rewards, but could it be just consequences of thinking (thoughts are things) and manifesting the outcomes?

There are definite scriptural writings, and messages from God, though. He always follows through on His words. Many have believed that they can build walls and God won’t be able to get through them, but that’s just silly. God created the Universe(s) and EVERYTHING in them and you/we/they think you can keep Him from fulfilling out what He says He will do?

Usually, nations that are destroyed by God (and ‘nations’ can be industries, corporations, evil people in high places) because they perform sins against humanity, forgetting that those people hurt, belong to God, not them. They think they are untouchable, but we can see that many ‘empires’ of human creation are being cut down, and the falling hasn’t stopped — there are many more to be brought down. Just look at all the decadent life styles in Hollywood and that whole entertainment industry, believing that their crimes against children brought into their slavery, will go unnoticed by God. Because they live on an island? Because they have multi-billions of dollars, actually made by exploiting others?

God vows, as you have done to Israel, so will it be done to you. Paraphrased, As you have done to others, so will it be done to you.

I think we are not done watching the fall of many elitists, and aristocrats, and others who are using God’s people for their playground and amusement at the death and destruction of the innocents.



Mary EK Denison

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