Day 201: Is anyone else tired of the click-bait race baiting against whites?

Mary EK Denison
4 min readSep 24, 2020
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I know I am going to receive intense heat for this, but I am really tired of slamming all whites as racist, and talk shit about us as a whole group, yet, much of what is being said are racist remarks. And, much of it untrue.

Yes, there is white supremacy but not all whites adhere to that thinking. And, being ok with being a part of the white race, where God put any one of us, is NOT being a racist. I will not apologize because of the race I was born into. Did any of us have a choice?

And, as one Medium author — who blocked further comments — not all Trump supporters hate blacks. Good God.

Yes, there is the KKK — started by the Democratic party when slavery was abolished — look it up, who would burn down black homes if they didn’t vote Democratic in the South during that time. Actually, when slavery was abolished, it was the Republicans who walked with the blacks to protect them when they went to vote.

Are there racist whites? Yes. Are there racist blacks? Yes. There are racist people in all colors, in all walks of life, in America, in Africa, in Australia, and any other country you can name.

Are there very rich whites in America? Yes, there are. Are there very many rich blacks in America? Yes, there are. If wanted, can whites and blacks live together and work together in the same communities, marry each other, enjoy each other’s company, lift each other up? Yes, it can happen, if people don’t stop tearing it down.

Do white people kill black people? Yes, they do. Do black people kill white people? Yes, they do. Do white people kill white people? Yes. Do black people kill black people? Yes. There is not one group of people who can say they don’t commit sins against humanity, but that does NOT mean that everyone in said groups commit crimes against humanity. Hatred destroys, love binds us together.

I would believe that most of us want peace, our children to remain safe (and not be executed for being born), have enough food, shelter, education and any other God given gifts of talent, creativity, and prosperity. Being created equal means that God gave EVERY ONE of us the right to His gifts, because in God’s world, all lives matter. Heaven doesn’t have colored skin, I am sure, and I am also sure that faith filled whites and blacks can enter Heaven, equally. You don’t get there with hatred and unforgiveness in your heart. We are the ones who destroy His world. But, not every one in each group of people created hate a whole group of people just because they came in a different skin color.

I know MANY biracial couples with children, who now are feeling torn. Just attended a wedding last week of a white woman and a black man. One of my dear and good friends is a black woman married to a white man.

So, do you think that when you bash the white race you are contributing to the division of people, or bringing them together? Do you think your hatred is going to solve the problems of the world, or do you want to destroy the place where you want your children to live? I think that only love is what is going to bring us together, myself. This hatred has got to stop. I say that to both sides. Hatred destroys the soul. Hatred is from the Evil ones, seen and unseen.

I’m a Trump supporter, and I would agree with the MANY blacks I follow on Twitter, and YouTube who support him, and quite boldly I might add, that you just might be wrong about many of us. I’m sure I’ll get bashed for saying this, too, but I see more of the Democratic party who is LEADING this division, and it makes me believe I made the right choice in leaving it many years ago..

United we stand, divided we fall — all of us. Please stop. I really did have better things to write about tonight, but the story headlines are becoming too much, lately. Racism won’t stop if people don’t stop using it to bait. As my choice of picture suggests, I am trying to hold on to love.

If you really need to be angry at something, be very angry at the child/human sex trafficking/slavery. Color doesn’t matter to them, they abuse us all. Join us in exposing and stopping that. That’s a cause I will hold any color hand in unity to dismantle.

The Spirit of God in me sees the Spirit of God in you — Namaste.



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