Day 204: Why I haven’t written in awhile

Mary EK Denison
5 min readOct 26, 2020
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I became numb to writing here. I kept being drawn to all the anger, hatred, and stories of abuse — especially to children and young adults.

I was drawn to them because I have been following the trafficking of children, and the Luciferians who are involved in their abuse and destruction for the offerings to Satan with hedonistic beliefs that what they are doing is ok, and even glorified. Thank God most of the world doesn’t believe in this. Unfortunately, there are enough that do that it is not only all the horrible things that are being done to these children, but it has become big business, financially. This has caused parents to sell their own children for profit. Some parents do so for other reasons, but money is probably the draw.

Children are missing all the time and some will never be found because they have been killed in snuff films, or simply killed for the pleasure of the perpetrator. It has been my understanding by those who have been involved in SRA — Satanic Ritual Abuse, for whatever reason have been freed, that these horrific acts always get filmed.

It has been my understanding that the filming is done for many reasons; profit, pleasure to see the act committed over and over, and also for blackmail. That may be the reason, or part of, that we are learning of the elitists, and other powerful figures who are being drawn into the limelight. That is why the people who speak of them, also get killed off. It’s a sick world they live in.

I have also not been writing because I am tired of the political bashing of conservatives, the bashing against whites as if we are all white supremists, against police as if they are all bad, and against Christians, Americans, and Capitalism. Yes, I agree we are all not perfect and in God’s eyes, we would ALL probably shrink and fall to our knees if we could see our Souls as He sees them. Prophecy will be fulfilled as is written and that is how we will know that God, is God.

With all this said, I am not happy with my own heart as it all draws me into sinful thinking, anger, frustration, desolation and depression, when I allow myself to go there. I can come out of it but only by the Grace of God, who I ask to pull me from my own despair. There is so much beauty in the world left for us, but we need to grab hold of it. Where there are bad things happening, we must see what we can do to help it heal. Violence and destruction, throwing God under the bus, turning a blind eye away from the most vulnerable is not going to help. It will increase it because there will not be an opposing force.

War is not the answer but it seems we are engaged in several; thus, equaling a world war. Civil wars, wars against nations, financial wars, wars inside your own homes and families, wars inside your own head and thinking processes.

I believe prophecies will be fulfilled as God spoke to us, and Jesus came to remind us. In what I have known about prophecies, and my understanding of the explanations I hear, I see that many have already been fulfilled. Therefore, I have no doubts about the rest of them being fulfilled, as well. God never lies. He does give us many chances to repent, but they get ignored by most. I never understood why in Apparitions of Mary, why she said to pray for the conversion of Russia. It has always seemed that there were other nations that could be worse. I understand the connection through a documentary I just watched, and linked to my FB account.

Convergence. When all that is prophesized comes together as a whole. It will be cataclysmic, and it will put us all in a chaotic state which no one will be able to comfort. It will level us all. Not everyone will die. Some will be spared to start things over.

What you can do for yourself is repent. We’ve heard that for years and years and years, but not all are believing it. You must check your own heart because what is in a man’s heart, so shall he be. You must return to prayer. Pray for you, your family, our governments, our world. Pray that you will be worthy of Heaven. I have soo much work to do on myself.

I may leave Medium because there is so much that grabs my attention in the way I do not want to go. I know I am a reactor, and that is one thing I need to reform. Instead of reacting, I need to turn to prayer, first, and trust that God is in the ultimate control, not me. I have much work to do. I have many people to help. I need to stop getting caught up in the details, where the devil lives.

I know my days of writing have gotten off proper numbering of the 365 day challenge I accepted. It is not truly incorrect, though, as I write something daily, just not always here, and I don’t always number them. Years ago I had started a blog called which I have sorely neglected but pay every year to keep. I am probably going to go back to it and continue writing there.

The challenge was given to ‘find my voice’. I believe I have found my voice, and I am connecting to those who align with me. Those who do not, or are very hateful, I simply block from my path. I cannot afford to get caught up in their hatred as I do not want to hate, even my enemies. If I want to align my Soul with God’s will, I must repent, too, and I do.

I will repeat the same mistakes if I don’t call on God’s Graces to stop me. I am a victim of my own sins, but I sincerely wish to no longer be. I cannot live in this world without sinning, but I can learn faster how to forgive, check to see if it’s my own emotions, and if I am basing the feelings on the past, rather than look forward to the beautiful future that God created for me. It’s not going to be an easy road, and God did not promise that. He DID promise eternal happiness if we follow Him and His Will for us. And, He DID say that when we are in that eternal life, all will be brand new, and we will not remember the past. All tears and sorrow will be wiped away for eternity. I want that.



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