Day 45: Panic in the World

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Actually, I don’t want you to panic, but I see that at least in America the panic has begun. It is because of the Coronavirus. Yes, there is a flu virus named Corona. Yes, some people have died but I’m hearing the aged and the sick, or weak constitutions. (Remember, I spoke of Jing and you don’t know how much you have, nor can you add more to it, but only preserve and nourish it?) And, it is showing up all over the world, but of course, we are global people, now. And the Wind blows… (Remember, I spoke of the pathogenic factor of Wind, and that it carries things that we breathe in, or ingest? An EPI?)

Do you think that maybe more people will wash their hands? Such a simple act — when you have soap and water, clean water — can wash away so many germs. Going to work sick, and coughing and sneezing all over the air for all to breathe. Of course, it’s going to spread. Not all countries have the same resources, the same FDA types on the backs of businesses to practice sanitary protocols so that disease isn’t spread to others. Not all slaughter houses practice humane killings; therefore, probably don’t bother to care if the place is cleaned. Some world places don’t even have latrines and must go outdoors. Of course, disease is going to spread.

Every year, or at least every other year, we have the threat of a “life killing” flu; Swine flu, SARS, H1N1, Asian Bird flu, then E.coli on our foods, and years gone by, Anthrax scares. It seems that there always has to be something sensationalized by the media. What about the Hanta virus? The one that becomes air borne when people go into the houses of hoarders and start moving things around and the dust full of mice droppings and mites, and God knows what else, is entering the air and the lungs of those trying to help? Now they go in hazmat suits because that was killing people, too.

It is affecting the economy in America with this scare, and Universities, NBA, events getting cancelled, etc., and this will have a major effect on jobs, and money flow. It is going to cripple. Airlines cancelling flights because people are afraid to fly. Face masks disappearing, toilet paper is bought up, rice… Really, you are afraid of dying from this flu and you stock up on TOILET PAPER? How about herbs and foods that will protect your immune system? How many don’t wash their hands? Hand sanitizer does not take the place of soap and water, it was meant when there is nothing else. In America, we still have plenty of running water, and other countries do, too.

Maybe this is natural selection. Maybe this is Nature saying I’m tired of the waste, so I will take it away. No one will be wasting food when there isn’t any. I know that there are countries who would die to get the food we through out. I see the waste in our schools, kids throwing away untouched food, of which many received free. Apples, bananas, yoghurt packs, sandwiches that were still completely wrapped and untouched. When my kids were young and I chaperoned field trips, I would stand by the garbage as the kids came up and I would not let them throw away any untouched foods. I put them on a table and gave it away to others.

I am not trying to take this lightly, but I also don’t think the world needs to shut down. Instill fear and panic in the people and you control the population. Fear begets fear. Instead, why not see what good you can do when we have big issues. I am seeing quite a bit of bashing on Face Book about it, as if one party had anything to do with it over the other party. Do what you need to do to protect yourself, see doctors, get vaccinations, eat healthy, and wash your hands. See those of us who practice Oriental Medicine, take herbs, take supplements, and pray and meditate. Life will go on. It is not time for us to all be annihilated. Of that I am sure of…

If you want to know a very simple and economical way to build your immune system up, and that of your family and animals, contact me and I will show you how. What price tag did you put on your life?

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Mary EK Denison

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