Day 51: How do you spend the first day you get laid off..

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Today, I nearly forgot to write. I went to bed way too late last night, which seems to be my norm lately, so I missed a sales and use tax webinar I had signed up for because I over slept. I’m getting about 5–6 hours sleep a night. Throw in a nap, though, and it becomes more.

Because of the COVID 19 virus and how isolation appears to be the best way to stop the spread of it, my service industry has been placed on hold for two weeks. Salons, spas etc., are being closed which followed restaurants, bars, parades, and many other types of gatherings. I’m wondering if they are going to suggest we don’t go to church, too. Anyway, I have plenty to do in the house, and can continue to develop my on-line businesses.

But, this morning once I woke up, I spent about 4–5 hours filling out an on-line unemployment application. Forms are forms, and they never seem to fit exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Mine was no different. This one seemed to be geared towards that my job is permanently lost, it’s not seasonal, and I plan to go back to it once the mandatory ban is lifted. I think I finally completed it correctly but it will take about 7 days for me to see if that’s true, and if I get benefits. The benefits probably won’t be much, but it will help. There is nothing I can do more about this, anyhow. I, like many others, are stuck in situations that are changing lives in a way I don’t think anyone could have predicted. This is surreal. It makes you wonder what is really happening in the world, because the only things I can see how in history it has affected the whole world is war and the Great Depression, and the collapse of economies. People starved, died, and became depressed and abused things, like smoking and alcohol. I feel blessed that I actually have lots to do in taking care of things in my house and yard, and now two weeks freed up to do some of those things. I have new ideas in my head for how I plan to work the rest of my working days in life, and time to really focus on them. Implementation is a bit harder because I am still ignorant of technology and automation, but I expect I will learn it just like anyone else has.

I am reading a book by Russell Brunson where he got 30 people to write what they would do to rebuild their lives financially if they lost it all. I read two of the stories, so far, and I can see some things, but these two writers seem to know which software to use, or who to enlist in creating some of the things they need, like Fivver, etc. I think I now have plenty of purchased software to be able to create a lot of things, but I fall back into the same problem that each software is another whole learning curve for me. I’ve been able to return some things, which I am grateful to be able to do, because I have spent quite a bit of money on things that I wasn’t sure I needed, but didn’t have to keep. I hope a couple of the refunds hit my credit card soon, because I need to keep some space on there, freed up — especially since my money situation has changed, as have many others. I’m glad I have the option of working from home, but since I am my employer here, am counting on my employer to be able to make payroll somehow.

Many of us are doing self pep talks. It is important to be able to enlist in the help of others, and pay them to do so. It is important to take steps and time to keep your self care up and running. I must admit I don’t always do so when it comes to sleep habits and patterns, but I make sure I take some time for my spiritual life and read the encouraging words that keep my soul moving forward. I believe in God, and Jesus and all the help Heaven has to offer and support me with. I DO have impatience waiting for answers that I think take too long, but I tend to forget that I live in space and time and Heaven does not. What is a long time for my impatient me, probably is a blink of an eye to my spiritual beings. But, I usually can read something that puts it back into perspective. And if I over think things, which is typical of me, I get up and do something physical, like wash the dishes or do laundry, to pull that energy out of my head where it is becoming counterproductive, to putting it to use in a productive way. Sometimes you just need to turn things upside down and take a different view on it.

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