Day 66: How Are You Doing?

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

For the last many days, I have sat in front of my computer, watching webinars, learning things I want to know, and some things I did not want to hear. I decided, except for writing this article, I would do other tings today, instead. I met with a friend, I did a bit of cleaning, I made products, and thought about my future. I had heard that this could actually go on for three months, bringing us closer to summer. It would be almost hard to go back to where I was a few weeks ago if this takes longer than anyone anticipated.

Mentally, I plan that what if I had to do things much differently? Some of those plans were already in place, but some would have to be created if things were to change, drastically. We will have to see what is still standing at that time. Then, we can rebuild.

The emissions must be down around the whole world by now. Not as many people driving. No school buses out, city buses limited, and Uber and Lyft drivers don’t have anything to do, right now… They blocked off the street passageways around the lake by my house. That way the pedestrians don’t have to worry about cars. I find that odd since there aren’t that many driving, right now, so what’s the point? I’m sure something that I am not aware of.

The friend I met with today, is trying to figure out her life, and options. She is a service provider who was self employed as a massage therapist and has a background in esthetician work, but isn’t currently doing that. She’s a bit disconnected and; therefore, didn’t understand all her options and some of the new ones afforded to her, now. So, as she has absolutely no money coming in, and rent was probably due two days ago, she casually mentioned that even suicide could be an option. When I commented on that part, she said, “Well, it has to be mentioned”. She is taking a medication that she said makes her stupid. Something for depression, I think, because she knows she is depressed. I know something of the history of her life, and I can understand her feeling depressed.

When she left my house, I gave her a couple of gifts that could help raise her up, I hoped. She had a migraine so when she went home she slept for three hours. One of the gifts I gave her was a pair of socks that increases brain power 30%, and would help her with her hip pain, and stability. I watched her walk up a flight of steps, and it really looked painful. She did text me to tell me she slept and when she got up, she expected pain from her hip, but she did not feel it the same way. I knew it was the socks and I told her to keep them on for a couple of days. Pain is depressing and it can make people feel a bit hopeless if they can’t get away from it. You do what you can for people the best way you can. I feel sad that those of us who help people with pain, stress and anxiety through body work and other ways, like acupuncture, or colorpuncture, or one-on-one meditations can’t do some of those things, with this virus hanging over our heads.

I pray everyday for another friend who is stuck and can’t move because he is held up in another country and now just can’t do anything, as planned. Planned. That’s a word that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but you can’t stop planning, even if you have to change them on a daily basis. We can’t stop moving forward, whatever that means to any of us. I pray it’s not too much longer, but I think it won’t be as soon as we thought, either.



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Mary EK Denison

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