Day 77: There are some really neat things happening out there.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

So, I just clicked on Unsplash, where we go when we might not have an appropriate picture to catch your eye, and I typed in the search icon, ‘prosperity’ and I only got 9 picture choices. 9. Nine. NINE! You have got to be KIDDING me! If I would have typed in the word, ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ or ‘flower’ there would have been thousands of choices. Nine for prosperity. What’s wrong with this picture?

But, that was not what I was going to write about, on 4/13/2020. (I put the date in because I know when I finish, it will be after midnight and show you tomorrow’s date. It’s 11:59PM.) There. I have been scrolling through LinkedIn and other local social media neighborhoods, called Next Door. I think they are nationwide. This is a very good way to find out the different things in your neighborhood, from good to bad, from kind to rude, from helpful to instigating rants. But, you will also know about crime issues — a lot of it is caught on people’s outside cameras. Like caught, red-handed going and taking mail from someone’s mailbox. Federal issue, right?

I hear so many good stories of women and older kids in the neighborhoods making THOUSANDS of face masks, some are making gowns, and the networking of these people — ‘do you have any elastic?’, or “‘I need more cotton material, sheets, pillow cases, ok.’ … People ask when they need donations for many, many reasons — schools, homeless, food shelves running low, my car battery died — can someone come to this address and give me a jump? I just had knee surgery and I can’t shovel this new snow today — can someone help me out? There are so many people jumping to help their neighbors. Lost, and Found animals of all sorts. “My dog escaped, here is his picture. Please call me if you see him. His name is___. So, many happy endings to lost and escape artist animals, of all kinds.

A favorite is the escaped parrot. It was not this parrot’s first escape, either. Kuka, was her name. She never left the neighborhood and everyone was afraid the winter would kill this tropical bird. She not only made it through, every time people found her and tried to get her to come, she ignored them, even her owner. Finally, someone discovered she had a nest. She was doing just fine. And she was NOT going to go back to a cage, again. I hear there is a place where many tropical birds gather together and they are happy to be free.

Breweries making hand-sanitizer, or airlines donating all the food they had for flights and other reasons, donating it to the community. I haven’t verified this, but I think that some hotels have donated some rooms for the homeless to get them off the streets. I haven’t seen much panhandling… Everyone who doesn’t need to be getting essentials, are supposed to stay in.

Many churches are holding online Masses and Services so that people can attend and still be a part of the group — because the chat line is open to all. My church even had drive thru Confession. I saw the video and it was quite impressive, to me. I saw it after it was over…

Car companies making ventilators. Professional athletes writing checks to pay the arena staff during postponed seasons. Restaurants donating food and staff to feed kids. If the food is not used, it is going to spoil. We all know it can’t stay in their refrigerators for who knows how long. I LOVE to see it handed out to those in need. Maybe some people haven’t eaten well but might be getting a couple of good meals, at least. Thank you for moving food. It is much needed for some, and much appreciated by others.

A cruise company told Trump that they could create hospital ships, with staff. The outpouring of people when we are in crisis mode is quite amazing to watch transform. Most have good hearts. Some always need someone to blame for the crisis, at hand. I can’t say I didn’t, and don’t have my own thoughts about it, too.

Much can happen in isolation. Except for a couple of gardens, my whole yard has been raked, and bagged, and picked up. Paint touch-ups are getting done, now, and the redecorating that I wanted to do in my business space is getting done, instead of plans in my head. De-cluttering is freeing, and allows new energy to flow in. Items are getting put to use, like I have lots of material and am getting things sewn and given out.

I have taken up the offers to get free CEUs/PDAs towards my re-certification. I feel like I have gone back to school this past month, full-time. I am learning so many new things, or new ways of doing things, that I have decided to make some of those learnings a permanent part of my practice. I am definitely adding Japanese acupuncture to my practice, and I will using the AcuGraph system assessment at the beginning of every treatment session because I was ready and opened to understand the system better. I learned how I can add a treatment protocol into it and have the body’s meridian systems balanced, first, in a shorter amount of time. If the body isn’t in balance, as close as it can be, then the treatments don’t help, as much.

I needed this time. I wished it had come under different circumstances. None of us will be able to go back to usual, but we all will have learned so much about what we really needed, and what we can do without, and how we can come to each other in need, and in help. Today I kept hearing myself say to myself, over and over, ‘my deadlines are still in place with my plans. Keep your eye on the goal.’

I read yesterday a post from someone who hates Capitalism and America. We are about capitalism, but we are about sharing and helping many, many people, too, with that money made. Just look around and see who sponsors what community work. Otherwise, why do so many want to be here? We, Americans, come together when our neighbors need help. Yes, there are still racist, sexist, ageist, and what ever other derogatory name you may want to add, but we come together when the going gets tough. Some blame, others look at loss, others look at opportunities, to adapt, to change things, to grow. The author of this hateful and negative writing will see who we really are- he had quite a few who did not agree with his negativism.

We are not a weak people. We are created out of peoples from all walks of life. English, Irish, Italians, Mexicans, Slavics, Scandanavian, Canadians, Greeks, Africans, Indians (East and West), Asians, you name it, we got it. And, every color, too. That did not make us weak. Some still choose to fight, and some need to defend, but we are a strong group. We all want our families to be safe. We all want to have a decent life with shelter, food, and flushing toilets; hence, the toilet paper issue… haha. America may never be quite the same, but we will always rise up, because we believe in success, and flourish in our creativity, our kindness, our entrepreneurial nature to design, invent, move forward, and make money, because none of us can live without money.

Success means something different to all of us. Not working is showing many people what it can be like to NOT have money come in, or at the right time. It’s not comfortable. Not all care about the same things, for sure. But, they will be doing their thing in some other way. The people who need to make life miserable for others are the sick ones.

Death happens, and it will happen on a daily basis, and yes, I have lost ones close to me from other illnesses. Cancer is a painful death. Not contagious, but neither is an autoimmune disease that slowly eats someone’s life away. That’s why my focus in my work is to bring balance to the body. It will give you more ammunition to fight off disease, and other external pathogens that will try and take you down. It doesn’t know race, religion, rich, poor or anything in between.

Find your gratitude. Was it sunny today? Did you see that beautiful snow fall yesterday that is mostly melted today? Did your eyes open? Do you believe everyday is a new start? Gratitude begets faith, and faith begets hope. We all need hope. It let’s us see future. We get that privilege to see future, and we can make it hopeful to ourselves, and others, with the right heart. Dark hearts, exist. Don’t follow.

Did you make your bed this morning? Physically, and metaphorically? Quote, “Every successful person, makes their own bed. Every day.” Mary EK Denison.



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