How discouraging thoughts can create resistance for your goals…

Mary EK Denison
5 min readJan 18, 2019


We all have them… even the best thinkers run into blocks, and resistance, and old subconscious tapes that no longer serve us, even if they did in our youth. These old tapes protected us, on some level. When you were born, and acclimated to this world, you did not know (or should I say, remember) fear. You did not know that if you climbed a tree and fell out, that you would get hurt. You just saw the climbing of the tree will get you to a higher place. I loved being alone as a child, for many reasons. I would climb trees. Not only did it bring me to higher ground where I could see things differently, and see more of the land, but it kept me in a quiet place where I could meditate, think about things that I thought could get me in trouble. For example, I never felt like I was alone. I don’t mean that God wasn’t with me, as I knew God was always there. I felt that I was being watched, and how do you tell that to someone without the fear of being locked up? I can see air, and I have told this to a few people, and some look at me like I am nuts. I realize that I am able to see this energy, or maybe this is what Dr.Wayne Dyer calls Intention, everywhere I go — eyes open or shut. Another has described it for me, Dr. Jacob Liberman, in his book “Light, Medicine of the Future” “that air was not invisible, but has a visible energy that could be observed in both particle and wave form.”

As I progressed on my journey in life, I realized that who was watching me were my angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and all that is Holy. It took outsiders to tell me along the way, that spirit was always trying to get my attention. My own clients pointed out my Empathic gifts. I used them, because that is who I am, but I didn’t always trust its’ messages. As I accepted this to be true, I realized that others in my family had similar gifts, or “knowings”. And now, I speak to anyone I choose about these things. So, even though I knew there was an energy, per se, that permeated everything, and that it was at my fingertips to use, I didn’t know how to do that. Again, in my journey of life, I discovered that the old tapes in my head were no longer useful to me, and instead of protecting me, were actually harming me, and keeping me from my life purpose, and it manifested many times in my finances. Painful lessons. Still dealing with some of the side effects..

That created discouragement, in turn, created self doubts (lack of confidence in yourself), self worth issues (says it all..), and self doubting efficacy problems (belief you can reach that goal you — imaginarily set? — and sustain in that momentum — that same behavior — that started it all, and can you keep it going?), in getting done the things that I needed to do to continue in my life’s vocation, and manifest wealth. Whew! Did THAT sentence wear you out?! It did me. And, will still wear me down if I keep putting my intention in that direction. It doesn’t make sense to continue in this fashion… hmmm.. What has all that cost me; past, present, AND FUTURE? Let me count the ways.. Money, time for myself, time for my loved ones, sickness in my body, using things to compensate, over working, over thinking, spilling into my family life, spreading the same rules of self sabotage… not paying attention, hits the pocketbook, unclear thinking, much less focus on a path, wrinkles in face forming, another three pounds… Debt piles, pay it off, piles again, have some money, give it away — good way to stay in self doubt and worth. No, life meant growth, but not negative growth, because that’s the opposite of expansion. That’s implosion — not good. Causes stress and disease in the body, manifests into illness, that eventually doubles the expenses to me. Sounds like getting rid of the blocks is a very good idea! Yes!! Are you ready? ‘Cuz I Am!!!!!

I procrastinated, told myself that it’s others and not me, and all the other self sabotaging thoughts that kept me from fully using my gifts…. that I SUPPOSEDLY thanked God for giving me! I know very well that I helped many people heal, but I didn’t want to do that as a “wounded warrior”. That created a feeling of not being in my own integrity. How could I tell others that “this” works, but wondered inside if that was also meant for me. So, I knew I needed to do my own inner work, as well. I remember Suze Orman saying once that she had 250K (I believe) in debt, yet she was doing wealth coaching. Of course, she turned it around, but sometimes we have to get to a position to see ourselves; therefore, heal ourselves, so we can help heal others. I always see myself in all that I tell my clients, and in all that I read. I take action, then. If you have been divorced, you CANNOT talk to someone about divorce without seeing your own divorce, and the pain that caused. You can’t unsee. Once you become aware of the blocks in your life that keep you from manifesting — health, wealth, and true joy — then can you change their destructive thinking patterns. There are tools you can use.

There is no 1% in the way that UNLIMITED Abundance means, it’s just that — God has no limits to what we ask in His Name, in His Laws, however you describe your Highest Power. Absolutely everyone can make money, if that’s where your focus is. But, what blocks are getting in your way? The Law of Attraction has ALWAYS been spoken off, in my belief system as a Christian, and I now understand even better some of Christ’s references — “if you had the faith of a mustard seed, you would tell that mountain to get up and move, and it would”. “Be not afraid…” “Before you ask, I will answer”, BEFORE YOU ASK!! means to me Someone greater than me has been there, and only wants a beautiful outcome for me. Did I paraphrase that well? The only blocks this energy has, are the ones you put on it. Remove them and let the energy flow, and as you gain momentum on your healing path, many seemingly miraculous things can happen. Just crack open the door…just a bit…

And, LOVE is key. Practice Love wherever you can, and don’t forget yourself. You are a unique expression of Source. Be authentic, because whatever is going on inside of you, will extend to others. May it be peace and love and joy.

Stress — the body’s reaction to perception… hmmmm…. Would love to hear your positive comments.

Mary EK Denison, L. Ac. and Healer, Transformational Coach

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