I left, and then I came back…

Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

I just had to leave Medium for awhile. I got too caught up in the wrong articles as our country, my city and many areas got divided. I fell down too many rabbit holes, and it destroyed my desire to stay here.

So, this isn’t a writing to end up back in that place. I did not come back for that. I still have the same feelings about issues that I did a year, or so, ago. I am doing what I can about them. A Digital Warrior, so to speak. But, not here unless it is too important to remain quiet. I will continue to follow child trafficking issues, and what I can do about that from my world of healing. Other than this mention, I will not use Medium to do that. I have other uncensored places to deal with those who think like me.

This time, I am going to engage in the ideas, authors, and subjects that will move me forward in finances, growth in my business, cryptocurrencies, and humor. I see some very cute stories about the things in people’s lives — like the cake baking, which looked very cute. I am here to learn. I am here to laugh, and to share encouragement, where I can. I will choose to follow the writers who are positive. I will block negativity. I’ve had enough of that this year.

I hope that those who want the positive aspects in life will follow me. If you find me in other platforms and see my warrior side, just keep it there, please. I appreciate the opportunity to begin again. Abundance is all around us, in many forms — let’s make our claims to it, without guilt. And, let’s share our beauty and knowledge with each other. Raise each other up as the whole world will raise with us. When the tides raise, so do all the boats in the water.

Peace to all.

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Mary EK Denison

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